Sally Jenkinson

Senior digital solutions architect & consultant
Founder of Records Sound the Same Ltd


I’m a consultant and digital solutions architect based in the UK who helps global organisations from big to small with their discovery, planning, transformation, and strategic digital decisions.

Originally starting out as a generalist web developer (front-end/back-end/Flash), I later focused on back-end development and architecture for several years before moving into management and consultancy roles, working my way to Head of Technology at a global full-service agency.

During this time I most enjoyed working alongside UX designers and strategic consultants in order to complement their work with a technical perspective. This merging of user thinking and technical principles is what drives my work today, helping clients to understand what they need, the choices they have, and how to practically make these happen.

Websites are no longer the be-all and end-all, and are usually just the starting point for my work; an indicator of wider opportunities or challenges. I find it important to dig under the public-facing surface - into improving older systems and processes, admin/back-office user experiences, and helping people to gain the skills and knowledge that they need in order to best support their teams. Technology and systems are an important piece of this puzzle, but my goal is to never talk about them in a way that’s scary or boring.

I now operate through my company Records Sound the Same Ltd, which I founded in 2014, and work alongside trusted collaborators when there’s a need to scale up. I’m also the author of my own book, I write for industry publications including net Magazine/Creative Bloq, and regularly speak at global industry conferences as an invited expert. Outside of work I’m a gamer, cook, jasmine tea zealot, and I tweet as @sjenkinson.

Project discovery

User-led uncovering of needs, research, technical investigation, requirements compilation.

Digital solutions architecture

What are the options available to meet the needs, what do these entail, and how can we do them?

Digital transformation

How can we use digital technology to become more efficient/usable/innovative by better supporting teams, and improving processes & systems?

Strategic consultancy

Roadmaps, training, workshops, building teams and hiring support, and mentoring.

You can find out more about my work at

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03/14 – current

Consultant & Director

Records Sound the Same Ltd

Through my company I offer strategic consultancy and training, undertake discovery, research and planning activities for projects, and help to architect solutions. I make sure that technology and processes are considered as part of creative and transformational discussions, and aim to improve user experiences as well as balancing these with business needs.

My clients include Manor Racing, Hotelplan (Inghams, Total Ski), Henley College Coventry, Patchwork, and more.

01/13 – 2015

Contract Digital Solutions Architect

Accenture Digital, Ostmodern, Precedent, Coast Digital

After leaving the world of full-time employment, I initially spent a period of time contracting with other digital agencies in order to gain broad exposure to different technologies and practices, balancing this with my direct clients in between.

Projects included the BBC, BT, UTV, Survivors UK, David Lloyd Leisure, The MS Society, SSE.

12/11 – 12/12

Head of Technology

Lightmaker UK

As Head of Technology at Lightmaker UK my primary responsibilities included setting the technical direction and strategy for the company, assisting with high level project direction, offering technical strategy and consultancy services, and working alongside our Sales and Marketing team for pitches and RFPs.

I also worked closely with our partners (Adobe, Microsoft, AWS, NTT Europe Online, Rackspace, Akamai, Sitecore) in order to forge relationships which would benefit our clients.

I was able to work with some great clients on some fantastic projects. These include Electronic Arts, D-Link, Eurotunnel, Nokia, Royal Bank of Scotland, The R&A, Phaidon Press, JK Rowling, Disney Interactive Studios, Innocent Drinks, Manchester United, Fulham FC, Chelsea FC, Sony Entertainment, Pitcher & Piano, the British Blood Transfusion Society, The FA, The LTA, Yamaha, Mondial Insurance, NHSBT, National Galleries of Scotland, and the COI - to name but a few.

07/09 – 12/11

Technical/Solutions Architect

Lightmaker UK

Reporting directly to the MD, I was responsible for the architecture and documentation of solutions and processes, training, direct management of 7 full time developers, business/technical strategy, training, technical sales, and some project development work.

04/09 – 07/09

Head Developer

Lightmaker UK

Promotion from Lead Developer role.

09/08 – 04/09

Lead Developer

Lightmaker UK

Promotion from Developer role.

05/05 – 09/08


Lightmaker UK

As Developer through to Head Developer at Lightmaker I was responsible for creating and maintaining websites for clients including Electronic Arts, NHSBT, Manchester United, Innocent Drinks, J.K. Rowling, London 2012, LTA, David Beckham Academy, Phaidon Press, Pitcher & Piano and Business Link.

Development work involved using bespoke and third party CMS products, implementing ecommerce solutions, and API integrations. I was very client-facing, often attending meetings for requirements gathering or to discuss potential solutions. Pitches were also occasionally attended, and CMS training sessions were given.

My development experience in these roles spanned a variety of technologies, and included HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery, ColdFusion, PHP, Classic ASP, C# ASP.NET, Flex, Flash AS2/3, XML, Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL. I worked with analytics technologies including Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst (writing a paper for Electronic Arts regarding best practices for their custom implementation) and Google Analytics.

Get in touch

I'd like to talk about work or speaking. How can I reach you?

The best way to get hold of me is on email: I'm generally pretty quick at replying. If it's something tiny, Twitter is a good alternative.

Can I call/Skype instead? I like talking in person.

Sure! Email me and we can share details then.

Where are you based? What happens if I'm/my event is not near you?

That's not a problem. I travel a lot with both my client work and speaking, and am happy to go wherever is necessary. I'm based in Suffolk, around half an hour from Colchester train station, an hour from Stansted Airport, and I have my own car.